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The Bibliography Thing

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While doing research for my diploma thesis, I have grown a bit frustrated with existing library catalogs and bibliography management tools. I would like to have something on the scale of wikipedia for this, but with more structured data, and more fitted as a personal tool. Here are the key features I would like to have:

  • bibliographical records for works (monographs, papers, articles, etc)
  • bibliographical records for publications (books, magazines, etc, with edition)
  • explicite license info, promote open content / open access
  • bibtex import/export
  • wiki style collaborative updates, summaries, reviews like OpenLibrary or Bibliowiki
  • tagging, like at bibsonomy
  • meta-pages for authors, publishers, universities, conferences, etc - each with an automatic listing of books
  • annotated reading lists
  • formal library catalog structure, in addition to, or integrated with tagging (like the proposed Wikicat)
  • citation graph, like citeseer
  • personal shelves, tags, and comments (public or private), like the library thing or citeUlike
  • gleaning info from well-known sites, and from unknown sites using rdf meta-info, microformats, or heuristics
  • gleaning info from pdf/tex files, online or uploaded
  • allow document upload, just for analysis, or for personal use, or publically

So... does it exist? Can it be done? How much of the infrastructure would have to be written? Maybe this would even be something the Wikimedia Foundation would be interested in...

Damn. I want to use that thing now...

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