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  • is maintained by Daniel Kinzler. Please use the contact form.
  • All content on this website is copyrighted by their individual authors, unless otherwise noted. Some content may be available under the GFDL, a wp:Creative Commons license or another free license; this will be clearly indicated by a license statement on the page (see Free Content). Also, you can always just ask the author(s) for terms of use of the material they contributed.
  • Software offered for download is written by Daniel Kinzler unless otherwise noted. Software should be accompanied by a separate copyright and license statement, and mention of all contributors. Also read the software disclaimers.
  • While this site is mainly a personal web page, some parts of it are public and can be edited by anyone. The site's maintainers give their best to remove spam and other unwanted material, but can give no guarantees.
  • The site's maintainers also try to check the content of sites links to, but can take no responsibility for the content of such sites.
  • All material, including program code and binaries, is offered as is, in the hope it may be interesting or useful, without any warranty, express or implied. Use it at your own risk! See software disclaimers for more information on program code.